Papercut Solar Sweater

I was trying to make the most of this last part of winter in Brisbane but I think I’ve just missed out! It’s warming up quite quickly and back to beautiful sunny days. I originally saw this version of jumper from Papercut patterns on Instagram and really liked the design with the arm frills.

Pattern: Papercut Solar Tee
Fabric: Textured Knit and ribbing from Spotlight
Pattern Level: Beginner

As a jumper I’m not sure if this thicker textured knit is the right combination for this style of pattern. The frills feel very thick and stiff. Also, the waist section of the jumper is quite boxy so it doesn’t feel very flattering to wear. If I made it again I would recommend a lighter knit/sweater material and also maybe bring it in slightly around the waist or put a ribbing around the bottom of the jumper to bring it in.

I think I will try this pattern again in the shirt styling and make it with a linen fabric so it’s soft and flowy. As a jumper I also think the top ribbing around the neck could be a bit wider to pull the neckline in a bit more.

Overall I didn’t mind the pattern, however a second version or attempt is definitely on the cards. Although I still haven’t found a better jumper pattern than the McCalls 6992, which was great to design in a number of different ways with all sorts of fabric types. I also liked the length and fitting of that jumper.

Next up on my pattern list is the McCalls 8252 Dress which I’ve made once in a tester but now need to make some adjustments before I stitch it up in my nicer material. Hopefully one for the blog soon!

Happy Sewing – Erin xx