$5 Kmart Tee – Refashion

I needed some new singlets for summer but after heading to Spotlight I realised that the cotton jersey material was edging on about $11 per meter. Once you cut it up and created a singlet you barely had enough material left over to create anything else.

My first test shirt was the pink and navy one below using a soft cotton jersey material from Spotlight. However, after shopping around at Kmart I came across this $5 men’s plain shirt, made from a really good quality, soft material. If you purchased a 2XL – 3XL shirt for only $5 you can cut out a singlet, plus create a headband from the left over sleeve material.


Singlet Designs

I ended up tracing a pattern from a singlet that I already owned and loved but I’m sure you could find a simple singlet pattern online or from any of the major sewing brands. Then all I had to do was purchase a meter of ribbing for the neckline.

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