10 New Year Goals for Health & Happiness

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s a little late to send out my goals for the new year but I’ve been absent from the blogging world for a few months and thought I’d share my ideas anyway. At least you’ll be happy to know I’ve already started achieving these.

1. Sewing – Learn how to Shirr

I’ve been purchasing a lot of dresses lately that have some form of shirring in them. So I’d love to learn how to shirr myself so I can start creating some clothes of my own.

Tutorial blogs include:

2. Adopt a kitten

I will be picking up a kitten to make my home complete and give the puggies another play mate. I have always wanted to adopt an animal and have often donated to AWL in the past because of the amazing work they do. I can’t wait to pick up my new little ginger kitten…. I’m going to call him Ziggy!

3. Listen to more Podcasts

I’ve been spending more time listening to podcasts over watching TV or listening to music on my daily walks. Some of my favourite Podcasts so far include Crime Junkies, Something was wrong and the overwhelmed brain. I’m still a newbie so if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear them!

4. Read 45 books!

I was off to an awesome start and have already read 11 books this year. One of the best books I’ve read this year is Indistractable by Nir Eyal, which is perfect for organising your life and focusing on your values. I then completely switched back to my Romance theme (yes, I’m a total romance junkie) and read Colleen Hoover – Regretting you. This was a big favourite! I also love the process of reviewing the books afterwards and seeing what other books I get recommended through Goodreads.

5. Learn some new hobbies

You would have seen from my previous post that I started crocheting! I’ve already ticked that box but certainly keen to get motivated to try new things. I also came across a painting competition which I’m thinking of doing. I haven’t challenged myself to a certain type of painting since high school!

6. Get more active

I go through periods of being really motivated with exercise and then completely ignoring it. One of my main goals this year was to join the fitness classes at my gym. I even trialled out some more personalised gyms to see what I liked most. It’s a great idea when you get a free trial period.

7. Eat less sugar and carbs

I wanted to start the Keto diet but after being realistic it just wasn’t going to be sustainable for me long term. However, I loved the recipe books that I purchased which opened me up to some really healthy meals that were low carbs and contained very minimal sugar (one thing I have to cut out of my diet).

8. DIY Home Reno Projects

I’ve been absolutely loving small to large home reno projects but every time I finish something I’ll add another task to my list. I’ve already put in new fans, two new air conditioners, new blinds and light fixtures. This year I want to complete my yard, spruce up my bathrooms and fix up my sewing room.

9. More time with my closest friends and family

Another year has passed with COVID and I’m still stuck working from home, so seeing my closest friends and family is a really important goal. I love my social events such as Park Run with my sister every Sunday and I’m also going to join a photography course with my dad.

9. Save, save, save

I purchased my first house last year so this year I’m going to try and save and also look at investing in some more shares. I really recommend the Barefoot Investor book which has helped me to save and get ahead living on my own.

Are you on track with your 2021 goals and keeping yourself motivated while being stuck at home or having any change to your normal lifestyle? Maybe these ideas will give you some inpsiration of your own.

Erin xx

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