Free Glasses Case Sewing Pattern

I wanted to make some soft cases to store my sun and reading glasses. These are quick and easy to make and perfect for use in your handbag, car or around the house. I created this sewing pattern for use with 10cm or 8cm clip lock clasps. Best of all download this pattern for free!

Sewing Pattern: Sixteen Stitches Glasses Case Pattern
Fabric: Drill or Cotton Duck Cloth

I found Cotton Duck Cloth or Drill the most suitable fabric for these as they already contain a bit of weight. However, if you choose some softer fabric you could put some iron-on interfacing on it to make it thicker.

Create them in a number of different colours or styles!

If you wanted to purchase them already made you can find my glasses cases available on my Honey Love Handmade Etsy store.

Happy Sewing

Erin xx

3 thoughts on “Free Glasses Case Sewing Pattern

    • Hi Beth, I got mine from Ebay in a bulk pack. You can type in “8-12cm DIY Sewing Bags For Purse Clasp Lock Flex Frame Internal Metal” in the search and there should be a few listings. They did come from China so they took a few weeks delivery but they have been great products so far. Otherwise you could try your local sewing hardware store?

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