Closet Core Kalle Shirtdress

I recently found a heap of versions of this dress searching on my Instagram sixteenstitches. There were so many beautiful styles made from linen to the lightweight rayon fabrics, so I thought I’d test out the pattern myself. The dress below was the first ‘test’ dress that I made from some scrap lightweight linen I had and I’ve since purchased some 100% cotton material to make my second version.

Description: With a loose, body-skimming silhouette and a number of interchangeable features it’s the ultimate for easy dressing.
Pattern: Kalle Shirt & Shirtdress pattern
Material: Lightweight linen from Spotlight

I made absolutely no changes to this pattern. I cut out the size specified to my measurements and the only real way I could tell it was the correct fit was from the shoulders because the dress itself it quite baggy. I think for my second version I will make a belt in the same fabric to tie around the waist. However, it’s perfect for summer or wearing to the beach and comes in a range of lengths including a shorter shirt, long shirt and dress.

This pattern itself was $16US, so about $22 in Australia, which is quite costly for a single pattern. However, a lot of these indie patterns work out to be around the same price, especially those from the UK or US. I was happy to fork out the money this time and thankfully it was really easy to sew and fit quite well!

Anthony and I are now on a mission to get fit for summer and lose these covid calories! Especially since we have three weeks off over Christmas to enjoy getting back out and about! It feels like this year has gone so fast so Xmas will be here before we know it.

How is your sewing going coming into this new season? I know some of you will be heading into winter, so more jumpers and pants required. I’m actually so thankful I can put away my tracksuits and get back into my casual tees and skirts!

Happy Sewing!

Erin xx

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