Floral Colette Macaron

The Colette Macaron is a dress I’ve made a thousand times now. It’s one of my all time favourite sewing patterns. You can see my Pink and Navy versions and more in my sewing archive. This dress (and photos) are from 2015 and was made from a beautiful white floral cotton sateen.

Description: Macaron is a fun-to-sew, flattering, and curvy dress. It includes a bodice fitted with darts, along with a contrasting top yoke, sleeves, and a narrow midriff band.
Pattern: Colette Macaron Pattern
Fabric: Cotton Sateen and cotton lining

This dress works with and without the centre band. You can use it to colour block the different fabric on top and bottom, keep the dress one colour (like this version) or have only the top part different like my Navy and Pink version. There is so many options with this dress which is why I love it so much.

I also think this is one of the most comfortable fit dresses. I have reused the skirt part on many other dresses I’ve made. It comes with pockets and sleeves which is my absolute favourite, especially if I want to wear them to work. I really can’t fault this dress pattern and highly recommend to others. Check out the tag #colettemacaron to see how many beautiful version of this dress have been made on Instagram.

Happy Sewing!


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