Women’s Headbands

My latest sewing project is a women’s knot style headband made with knit fabric. I tried a few other sewing patterns but I didn’t like how they were finished, some leaving a large unfinished seam at the back. This pattern by ‘I’ll show you mine’ creates the headband and leaves the sewn seam inside and underneath the knot, so it’s easy to hide.

Description: Women’s knot style headband
Pattern: Women’s Headband from I’ll show you mine
Fabric: Knit or Jersey

These can be created with knit or cotton jersey. These are great for me because I have a fringe and it makes it easier to style my hair up. I’m also heading on a camping trip so I made myself one in each colour.

I loved the pattern so much I also created a number of them to sell on my Honey Love Handmade Etsy store. I am looking forward to trialling some bow wrap style headbands next.

Happy Sewing

Erin xx

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