Top 5 BurdaStyle jackets to make this winter

As the weather starts to cool down and we’re still in lock down I’ve started looking at a number of jacket patterns to make this winter. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from but here are my top five BurdaStyle patterns that I am hoping to create this winter.

I’ve picked BurdaStyle because I know the patterns fit me really well and they’re so easy to download, print out at home and (most of the time) create.

#1 BurdaStyle Boucle Jacket 114 02/19

2. BurdaStyle Wool Jacket 111 12/19

3. BurdaStyle Wool Jacket 110 10/18

4. BurdaStyle Wool Jacket 107 09/17

5. BurdaStyle Cotton Blouson A, B 114 | 04/17

Most jackets will need one to three meters of suiting material, plus lining and accessories such as buttons, ribbing and buckles. It will also depend on the length of your jacket and what type of fabric you choose. I’ve purchased some amazing wool blend from Spotlight at $17 per meter and I plan on making some with thinner lining (which will cost less) and some with the thicker lining at $17 per meter. So I’m hoping to make a range of these jackets from $40 to $80, being the most expensive.

Would love to hear if you have any favourite Jacket patterns! Now we can all start to get jealous of those on the other side of the world who are entering their warmer months!

Happy Sewing

Erin xx

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