Blue Wool Work Dress

As the days start to cool off in Brisbane it’s nice to use some warmer fabrics like this blue wool blend from Spotlight. Even though we’re still in COVID lock down this will be perfect for when we are finally back at work.

Description: Dress with low shoulder sleeves, pleated skirt and pockets.
Pattern: This dress uses a self-drafted top and the bottom is from the BurdaStyle Smocked Back skirt section.
Fabric: Blue wool blend material from Spotlight

I absolutely love the feel of this fabric it’s so soft and warm. I ended up getting this on sale, so I plan on making a few more outfits from the four meters that I purchased.

Being at home a lot lately, I’ve gone through “Making the Cut” on Amazon Prime and “Next in Fashion” on Netflix. It’s honestly making me so inspired that I want to go do a dressmaking course. I especially loved the denim jackets that were being made, so one of my next big projects will be this 107 09/17 BurdaStyle jacket.

I plan on making it with Denim and some Sherpa fabric which will be exciting and hopefully I’ll have it ready in time to wear this winter.

While the world seems to have stopped I feel like things have still been moving on really well for me, as I’m currently in the process of buying my first home! So fingers crossed it all goes well and I’ll be moving to my own place in June, with a doggy door for the pugs and a big backyard. I’ve been going insane over Pinterest lately with backyard and renovation ideas.

Hope everyone else is staying safe. Looking forward to when lock down is over and we can get back to some normalcy in our lives.

Happy Sewing

Erin xx

2 thoughts on “Blue Wool Work Dress

  1. Beautiful dress, and fabric sounds wonderful. We are in spring weather. So nice, flowers are blooming, and trees all leafed out. Nice.
    I too look so forward to the quarantine being over. Stay safe and happy sewing.

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