Create your own painting

For those of you who are looking for something else to do with your isolation time (apart from sewing) here is a great idea! Over Easter Anthony and I pulled out my painting supplies and completed one of the Cork and Chroma paintings. Definitely check out their website to see what sessions they are holding for a guided approach.

Considering Anthony hasn’t painted since primary school he was a little unsure how he would go. However, once I quickly showed him how to smudge the acrylics he was off and loving it! We had snacks and beverages and took about three hours to complete our paintings. It was such a fun afternoon and the pugs certainly enjoyed the attention.

We chose to do two harder paintings first and have another two easier ones which we will do next time. I actually also had two easels, which made it so much easier to paint. These paints aren’t expensive, being $3.50 each tube. You you will need white, black, red, blue and yellow to make all of your colours, paint brushes and your canvas.

Above is the painting that Anthony chose to do. Left is the original and right is his canvas.

Above is my pineapple painting. Left is the original and right is my version with a slightly different background.

We are so wrapped with our final paintings! They are super cute and maybe once we make a few more we can decide where to hang them!

There are a few painting companies that are doing this online now if you need a guided sessions. I recommend seeing who is local to you and supporting them so you can visit them once COVID is over! My sister and I have been to Cork and Chrome before, which is why I am writing about them and it was such a fun experience!

I hope that provides you with an isolation idea and best of all, it’s fun for the entire family!

Happy Painting!!

Erin xx

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