McCalls 7608 Jumpsuit

I was excited to test out a romper for the first time and originally really loved this pattern because of the different top styles. There were also some really lovely versions made on Pattern Review. Once I started and got onto my second muslin I realised I had turned this pattern into a bit of a hack! However, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

Description: Fitted lined romper and jumpsuits with various lengths. It also has a flowing top overlay.
Pattern description: McCalls 7608
Fabric: Linen from Spotlight

The first main alteration I did to this pattern was take out the width in the legs. I’ve previously tried pants with the super wide, pleated legs and was mortified when I tried on the muslin. At the time it went straight in the bin, never to be recovered or altered. I probably even gave that pattern away I was so horrified by the fit on me. So I knew right away I had to slim out the pants to suit my body shape. I also switched the pleat to dart.

The second alteration I made was to lower and round the front of the neckline. To finish it off I created a fabric belt which just ties around my waist.

I’m seriously loving Linen lately. This pinky/peach coloured fabric was from a recent Spotlight visit and turned out perfect for this style of outfit. It reminds me a little bit like a Mister Zimi outfit.

I didn’t end up adding the extra top layer because I wasn’t sure if it would have sat right with the linen. I was happy to leave it off for this version.

Have you got any romper/jumpsuit pattern suggestions? I would love to hear! I’m just excited to finally be making something different from my usual ‘dress’ making!

The next on my wish list are some shirts or blouses but I have so many patterns to choose from so it’s going to be tough to narrow it down!

Happy Sewing!


4 thoughts on “McCalls 7608 Jumpsuit

    • Hey Lacey, thanks for sharing that link! It looks gorgeous on you I love the colour. That looks like a really nice pattern and perfect for summer! I’ll have to put it on my wish list!! Happy Sewing xx


  1. The madebyoranges website has several my image magazines with jumpsuit patterns. They say they are drafted for 170cm height. I haven’t made any of their jumpsuits yet, but have been pleased with the shorts and tops I’ve made. I’m not being paid to say so, I just like their stuff…. and the mags are a real bargain, as far as patterns go.

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