Charity Sewing – Doggy Bag Key Ring Holders

During the week I created my first charity project for the year, creating 10 x Doggy Bag Key Ring Holders and added the poo bags to give to the Animal Welfare League Queensland.

I wanted this to be something other people could get involved with so I created a pattern and sewing instruction PDF download. The pattern also comes with the Lipstick Holder design and instructions.

It was raining pretty heavily but my boyfriend, Anthony was so excited to make the trip with me. I was actually a bit worried we were going to end up going home with an extra pet! Although, I’m not sure the puggies would have been too impressed with that idea.

They have the most amazing facilities and rehome all animals they take in. I’ve visited the Animal Welfare League a few years ago and found out that they pick up animals from the RACQ that are about to be put down (those that can be rehomed) and will keep them until they find their furever home. They also survive mostly from donations from people and businesses.

One generous lady bequested the AWL in her will, so they were able to create this incredible inside facility for cats to be comfortable until they find their furever home.

Even the puppies had a large room with toys, beds and volunteers come by multiple times each week to take them for beach runs down at the Gold Coast!

If you want to get involved, the animal welfare league takes all kinds of donations. Anything you want to sew you can drop off directly to any of their locations or the Op Shop stores.

To find out more visit The Animal Welfare League Queensland (or any of the interstate locations). Otherwise, if you’re looking for your next furbaby maybe consider finding one at the Animal Welfare League. There were so many precious little souls waiting to be loved by their new owners.

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