BurdaStyle Seamed Dress with Pockets

Hello again BurdaStyle Seamed dress! This is one of favourite patterns to use, I’ve now made this dress in the same style without pockets and also with a pleated skirt.


Description: Form fitting sheath dress with great inline styles and pockets. Perfect for work, evening or casual wear.
Pattern: BurdaStyle Seamed Dress
Material: Cotton Sateen

I bought this material from Spotlight a while ago and really love the horizontal stripes and flowers. It reminded me of the fabric I designed on Spoonflower a few years ago to create an outfit for a festival in the USA.


I love this dress because of all the front and back pleats, which really molds to your body shape. You can see the pleats in the neck line, waist and front section of the dress. I find that it works really well in cotton-sateen because of the slight stretch.


Also, did I mention it has POCKETS!!! Another great reason to make this dress!


I’ve been adding a few photos to my Sixteen Stitches Instagram lately and also stalking some amazing seamstresses. This Ninalee Kew dress kept coming up in my picture feed and I loved the different versions so much I quickly purchased the pattern. So it’s all ready to go on my cutting table, I can’t wait to get this Version 2 finished before Autumn ends.

I’m only new to using my Instagram, so if you’re also online please send me a message. I’d love to connect with you and see what you’re creating!!

Happy Sewing

Erin xx

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