USA Holiday and Sewing Inspiration

In 2015 I went to the USA, which seems like a lifetime ago now! The best part about the whole trip was getting to sew and create outfits for the events that I’d been so excited to get to. Also, meeting up with Ping from Peneloping and Emily from Dressing the Role in San Francisco.


Los Angeles

The first stop was LA, where you basically just did all the touristy things and saw all of the main attractions including the Hollywood sign, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Boulevard, the Griffith Observatory and much more.

Las Vegas Baby

Second stop was Las Vegas, where I went to Electric Daisy Carnival (a three day music concert at the Las Vegas Speedway) with some of the biggest DJs from around the world. I had been researching the festival and wanted to go as something really bright and fun, so I made my own outfit with the Lekala Dress pattern. This also inspired me to create my first Spoonflower floral fabrics.

Electric Daisy Carnival

The festival itself was incredible! Plus, as you do when you go overseas, you always run into a bunch of hilarious Aussies running a muck. Luckily they added me to their little group and we danced the night away. As you can see from the photo below, it was a massive event that you can’t even describe with words!


One of the skirts I made to wear around Las Vegas (since it was 40 degree heat), was the Pin Peg Mini Skirt by Nine Stitches.


I also created this black and floral Lekala Dress for a night out at Avicii – XS Nighclub. This was another funny night where I made a heap of friends who are now my instagram buddies.


Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tour

I booked myself in to the Grand Canyon tour, which was one of the most incredible days exploring. It was absolutely breathtaking to see these views from the helicopter. It also landed in the middle of the canyon where you got to enjoy a champagne breakfast. It was such a cool experience, as you can see from the photos!

With the late nights, attractions, festivals and incredible tours, I would highly recommend a week stop at this exciting city! No matter how old you are, there’s always something for everyone.

New York, New York

Next stop was New York, where I had been dying to get to Mood Fabrics, amongst other places of course. I had always loved Mood Fabrics, especially since they used to sponsor my sewalongs with Peneloping. I ended up getting a heap of fabric, which I’ve used to create my Version Two BurdaStyle BlouseVogue Drop Waist Dress and I’m even making a new Colette Macaroon dress now.

Like every overseas trip I always did as much research as I could and figured out all of the best places to visit, including Grand Central Station, Time Square, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Rockafella Centre, One World Trade Centre, Byrants Park, Soho Shopping district and also this amazing speed boat tour, which had the best tour guide! He was cracking everyone up with his incredible knowledge of New York and the best part about it… you got to see nearly all of the attractions within a few hours.

San Francisco

This was such a lovely place to visit, and I was so excited to get here to see my beautiful sewing blog friends, Ping and Emily. We organised a day where we went down to Britex Fabric and picked up so many goodies! It was really amazing to get to meet two girls who really inspired me on my sewing journey. To this day they still blow me away with their incredible talent and stunning creations.

There are also so many amazing landmarks to visit in San Francisco, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island (which I had booked three months in advance), Fisherman’s Wharf, The Painted Ladies, Lombard Street, Union Square and much more!

Monterey and the Californian Coast Line

Monterey was the cutest little coastal town, which was the perfect place to kick off the drive down the Californian coast line. One of my favourite parts about driving along the coast was seeing the seals spread out along the beaches.


If you get the chance and happy to take the scenic route, you’re definitely in for a treat! I even got to catch a few seals playing in the water, which was amazing. I adore seals they remind me of big pug puppies.


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I hope you enjoyed my USA Holiday and sewing inspiration blog post. I haven’t looked at these photos in a few years but there were definitely some memorable things about this trip that I thought I would share. I can’t wait for my next overseas adventure, where I’ll no doubt navigate to all of the local sewing stores. Any recommendations? hehe 🙂

Happy Sewing, Erin xx


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