Simplicity Pug Jumpers

Description: Make your precious pup stand out from the crowd with these dog jumpers.
Pattern: Simplicity 3939 Dog Jacket
Fabric Used: Fleece or sweatshirt knit, plus ribbing knit

Over the years I’ve made the pugs a number of jumpers but the pattern I have always gone back to because it fits them perfectly and don’t overheat them, is the Simplicity 3939 (Option C) jumper. It’s perfect for the cold (but not so cold) months that we have here in Brisbane, Australia.


Below is a few versions I made back when they were younger. I even appliqued the letter ‘B’ on them for ‘Busta’ and ‘Bella’.

I’ve been house sitting my parents place for the last couple of months while they’re away overseas, so they’ve been running around like crazy with my parents dog, Kaya. He seems to always wriggle his way out of his (purchased) jacket though (lol), so the pugs get the benefit of staying in them all night long.

The best thing to do is to measure your dog from its neck to its tail to ensure that you have the perfect fit. Just extend or shorten the length and I guarantee you, it will be their best snuggle jumper, all winter long!

Free Dog Jacket Pattern!

If you’re after a really great free dog pattern you can also download the Echidna Sewing July Charity Dog Jacket Pattern to make for the Animal Welfare League Australia.  I’ve made a couple of tester patterns below and as long as you measure the waist band to fit your dogs chest, it’s perfect. This pattern also comes in a range of different size, so why not check it out!

Happy Sewing!

Erin & The Pugs!

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